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It’s a beautiful winter wonderland in Western Pennsylvania, I love the peacefulness of freshly fallen snow. Click here to view Jessica and Zack’s gorgeous winter wedding. And congratulations are in order, they are expecting their first baby!   Here are 8 quick tips for taking better photos in the snow. Make sure that your batteries are fully […]

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Last week I gave an overview of the two types of Wacom Tablets photographers might be interested in purchasing. In this free video, I address why you may struggle with switching from a mouse to a tablet.  And this video includes fun homework to improve your skills! Click here to download the exercise files. If you’d like […]

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Giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified. Keep your eyes on the blog for more giveaways in the future! Were you lucky enough to receive a Wacom Tablet for Christmas? Would you like a Wacom Tablet? Maybe you’re interested in one, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment. This free video is […]

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  • What a great way to start the New Year. I am an organizing nerd (aka the 4 planners I have at my desk) so that would be a great addition :)

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    I’ve shared and entered. Can’t wait to watch the videos. And I hope, hope, hope I win the Wacom. Love the very basic one I have. thanks for all you do, Heather!

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    Shared!! I think the best is that I get videos now, too!! Awesome giveaway!!!

  • Shared! Your knowledge is priceless! Thank you for spending your time to help others.

  • Thanks for all you do!

  • I shared! Can’t wait to learn all of your tips and tricks! :)

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  • Signed up and shared & fingers crossed! I can’t wait to watch the videos! Thank you so much for your wisdom and inspiration!

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    shared…I think twice…would LOVE to win this…you are AWESOME for giving us the opportunity!

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  • Yikes! This would be amazing !

  • Wow, I am excited about these videos and the chance to win this tablet! Shared!!

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    Done and done! Thank you for all the knowledge you share!

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    Your videos are always worth watching. ..

  • Bridgit McNamara Zurynski

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    Signed….shared….My photo skills are so much better because of you!!! You rock!!!

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    Thank you Heather, this is a GREAT opportunity! I love your videos!

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    Shared! Happy new year Heather Kendall Lahtinen!

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    You are so giving Heather! Shared!

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    Of course I already get your videos! And I shared the post too.

  • Florence Griffith

    Hi Heather . happy New Year . I had the Bamboo…and I rarely used it…I did not like the feel of it at all…but just before Christmas i found a refurbished small wacom 5 tablet for 125 dollars…works like a charm and the feel is so much different from the bamboo…much smoother…and from the research I did a great majority of retouchers prefer the small…some like the medium…and almost nobody uses the large…so for those of you out there that are thinking bigger is better…not always true

  • O'Malley Marshall

    Shared! What a great way to start the New Year. I am an organizing nerd (aka the 4 planners I have at my desk) love the videos :)

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    Done Heather! Thanks! :)

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    Love this Heather Kendall Lahtinen!! Can’t wait to see the videos! Always wanted to try the tablet!

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    This would be incredible. Signed up and shared!

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    Shared! Wifey will love one of these! Maybe when I watch your videos I will know what is going on next time she brings me to camera club! lol

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    Shared! :) I could learn to use it when I use my Christmas party gift I won!

  • Leigh Nelson

    Done and done! :-) Great giveaway- thanks, Heather!

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    I signed up and have shared the info! Can’t wait to see the videos and learn even more about photography!

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    I have registered & shared in hopes of winning.

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    registered & shared. This would have come in handy last week! Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Good gravy! I entered and am sharing. I love, love, love your member training videos and they have helped tremendously. I can only imagine how this gadget helps the editing process even more. Fingers crossed I win!!

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    Following. Shared. Thank you Heather! Love the video series!

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    I have a very basic tablet and love it. I hope, I hope, I hope I win!!

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    Shared! Thank you for the opportunity! My old tablet just broke before the holidays. I’m crossing my fingers I’m lucky enough to win a new one! What a wonderful giveaway. Happy New Year!

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    I shared and am registered for your videos. You are so awesome for sharing all of your videos with us. Thank you for your willingness to share your talent with us!!!

  • I’m not sure where the “facebook comments” link is. I see the option to share on facebook, tweet, send to a friend, and contact along with a regular “post a comment” link. Am I missing something? I share and signed up.

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    Thank-you, Heather … I have liked, shared & registered.

    Waiting Patiently!!! :)

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    The timing is perfect because I was just looking a getting one of these – signed up and shared :)

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