I receive frequent inquires from people looking to learn in private one-on-one sessions that can move at a pace more tailored to their style.  I am pleased to offer four different learning tracks that are divided into individual session topics.

You can schedule to take a full track, or you can mix and match tracks to suit your needs and desires. Portfolio reviews over the phone are also available.

Please use the calendar below to schedule your session. We are located approximately 20 minutes west of the Pittsburgh International Airport on 376 (detailed directions will be sent upon booking). Please contact me with any questions.

Track 1: Business Basics

This track will help you start your photography business at an accelerated pace. Instead of suffering through the pain and expense of learning as you go, I’ll share with you the vast knowledge I’ve collected since beginning my journey as an entrepreneur.

Session 1: Establishing your business Making sure your business has a strong and legal foundation will save you headaches down the road. Learn how to choose the right business name, file taxes, obtain insurance and other legal forms that will prove invaluable as your business grows.

Weddings by HeatherSession 2: Web Presence Unless you plan on opening up your own photography studio, the internet will serve as your storefront. Having a web presence that truly reflects your creative style will be key in capturing clientele. In this session you will learn various options of how to create a professional website to show and sell your images.

Session 3: Marketing/Promotion Once you are ready to begin capturing new clients, it’s time to get your work in the eyes of the public. This session covers creative and unique marketing ideas that will help establish the quality and value of your photography.

Session 4: Establishing clientele Learn a multitude of techniques to show with new and former clients the value of your talents. Learn how to present your work to new clients in ways that will allow them to see your skill and attention to detail.

Session 5: Contracts Now that your clients are excited to retain your services, it’s essential that your contract provides the coverage to protect everyone involved. During this session we cover the importance of copyrights, managing client expectations, additional costs and much more.

Session 6: Pricing Many photographers struggle with setting a price value to their images. This session helps you determine a fair pricing structure based on the services and options you wish to offer your clients.

Session 7: Other considerations This wrap up session services as a catch all for the many other aspects of creating and growing your business. Learn some down and dirty techniques to help you avoid the pitfalls of owning your own business.

Track 2: Photography 101

The first step to becoming a great photographer is learning the fundamentals about your equipment, lighting, framing techniques. These sessions build on your existing knowledge to help you move to the next level.

Session 1: Learning Your Camera Take full advantage of the abilities of your DSLR equipment. This class is customized around your specific camera, so everything you learn you will be able to apply immediately.

Session 2: Exposure This in depth course will teach you advanced techniques and when to apply them. ISO, shutter speed, and aperture are covered thoroughly in this session.

Session 3: Lighting Learn how to turn challenging situations into amazing photographic opportunities. Shooting in low light, bright light, no light, and using flash photography are all covered in detail.

Session 4: Composition Learn what makes a simple picture into a work of art. We’ll examine how small adjustments to your techniques will make your images stand out.

Track 3: Workflow Warriors

Establishing a an efficient and effective workflow will directly impact the success of your business. Save hours of time by implementing our proven processes that will make your work more profitable and enjoyable.

Session 1: File Management Structure Digital photography allows professionals to capture hundreds and sometimes thousands of images. Learn methods to take the guess work out of storing and finding the perfect photo.

Session 2: Back-up Strategy Avoid the nightmares that your fellow photographers face everyday. I will help you create a solid foundation to help guarantee the safety of your precious work.

Session 3: Identifying efficient and effective processes The less hours it takes you to achieve amazing results, the more profit you will see from your efforts. Learn ways to save weeks of time every year by streamlining your process while achieving better results.

Session 4: Hardware Peripherals Avoid the confusion of the multitude of products available. We assembled solid recommendations of reliable hard drives, keyboards, memory cards, input devices and more to help you make the right choice for your business. Demo these devices yourself during the session.

Track 4: Post Processing

This highly customized and extensive track is intended for those ready to truly push their talents to their highest limits. These more intensive versions of our classroom sessions are developed to strengthen your knowledge and techniques.  Each session can be broken into multiple mini-sessions based on your current knowledge and comprehension levels.

Session 1: Lightroom The newest and incredibly powerful tool for professional photographers, Adobe Lightroom will help you organize, adjust and output your images efficiently. This session covers EVERY single option, menu and trick to what will be the foundation of your workflow.

Session 2: Photoshop Adobe’s flagship software product can take years to master.  During this session you will discover the most important components of Photoshop that will make your images extraordinary.

Session 3: Automation Learn advanced techniques to save even more time by allowing your computer to shoulder the big tasks.  The hours and hours you will be able to save after this class makes it the must-have session that will absolutely change your life.

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