Pittsburgh Photography Workshops

Your images only begin to tell the message of who you are as a photographer. Finding the clients that connect with your style requires sending the right message through a strong and consistent use of your brand.

This workshop is designed to help you determine your audience and to align your brand in order to properly target potential clients. This small session of 4 people will receive a complete pack of my branding materials in order to see how consistency in message and design will provide current and potential clients an experience beyond your photographs.

Upon completion you will have a solid vision of your potential client base. You will be positioned to take the next steps in determining how logos, websites, slogans, and a variety of other materials can raise your brand awareness to your target market.

Every way you present yourself to potential clients, from text messages, emails, and even the way you talk and dress will leave an impression and will ultimately play a major role in their decision to retain your services.  We will discuss how addressing these factors will contribute into allowing your work to take center stage.

Beyond just a choice of colors, this class will give you will have a clear understanding on how to love, live and leverage your brand to create a more successful business.


  • This workshop is currently only available via private mentoring sessions. Click here to inquire or schedule.


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