Jamie & Bryan

Pittsburgh Wedding PhotographerI received this amazing note from Jamie regarding the Experience Romance session we had with her and Bryan.

First off, let me say that any bride out there planning a wedding would be insane not to hire Heather to photograph some component of your big day! The day of your wedding goes by so quickly, and it is the pictures that you have that you will look back on in the coming years, so invest wisely and choose an amazing photographer. You’ve dreamt of this day for so many years and put so many long hours into planning it – you deserve incredible pictures!

Unfortunately, for my own wedding, I did not heed my own advice. My budget-minded soon-to-be-hubby convinced me to hire a family friend to photograph our wedding. While overall his pictures were okay, we got good pictures of all of the family groups and of the reception, we did not get the one thing that was most important to both of us – many beautiful pictures of my husband and I. After we got our pictures back following the wedding, I was devastated. There were very few pictures of us and those that we did have were very traditional and just not “very us.” Now, about 6 months before our wedding, I had come across Heather’s blog when searching for images of our wedding/reception site. I was so impressed with her images that I continued to follow her blog. My husband, knowing how disappointed I was in the pictures and knowing how much I adored Heather’s photography, suggested we contact her about possibly taking additional pictures of us. Just the thought of getting to work with the photographer I had so long admired made me so happy. So, I emailed Heather and explained our predicament and asked if she would be willing to lend us a few hours of her time to take additional pictures of us. Her excitement was contagious and soon we were well on our way to getting the pictures we had so badly wanted.Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Flash forward 1 month to the day of our photo shoot with Heather. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous but incredibly excited, not only for the photo session, but also because I got to wear my fantastic dress again! We met Heather and her husband Craig one early evening at Hartwood Acres for what was to be an amazing, fun-filled evening. Heather and Craig went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. We were both a bit nervous, as neither of us is particularly comfortable in front of the camera, but there is just something about Heather and Craig that puts you instantly at ease. While on the wedding day, we had maybe 45 minutes to take pictures of husband and I, we spent over 3 hours with Heather and Craig, taking the kinds of pictures every bride dreams of. There wasn’t the time crunch of the wedding day – we didn’t glance at our watches even once. The day of the wedding can be so hectic and filled with nervousness – the evening of our photo session was none of that. It was so relaxed. We could take as many pictures as we wanted and take as much time as we needed – there was no one where we needed to be. The weather was perfect – yet another thing you cannot control on the day of your wedding. And to say that her photography makes you feel beautiful would be an understatement. My husband and I had so much fun experimenting with different poses, some of which we would never have thought of, but we had complete trust in Heather – and boy, did it pay off!

Having seen the images that Heather and Craig took that evening, it was probably one of the smartest investments we made for our wedding. While I would have loved to have hired Heather for the day of our wedding, our budget simply wouldn’t allow for it. But even with the cost of the second photo session, in addition to the cost of the tux, getting my dress cleaned, my hair and makeup redone, and getting a second bouquet (something I would recommend to every bride – who doesn’t want another beautiful bouquet?!), it was still well within our original photography budget. And we got to spend 3 uninterrupted hours taking gorgeous pictures of just my husband and I. Not even having Heather there on the day of the wedding allows for that kind of time. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. The photographs we now have of us are something that we will treasure for years to come – something that we did just for us. Because after all of the planning, worrying, and everything else that goes into a wedding – that’s what it’s really all about, the bride and groom, and the love you share for one another.

Kristen & Steven

Pittsburgh Wedding PhotographyHeather, I started looking at our pictures earlier this morning and its taken me this long to gather all of my emotions together because I was completely blown away by your ability to capture such amazing pictures! The pictures are absolutely breath taking and looking through them helped me completely re-live our wedding day! I can’t thank you enough for being apart of our wedding, choosing you as a photographer was by far the best decision we could have made throughout out the entire wedding process. You have such a gift and such a talent and I can’t wait to recommend you to all of my friends! Thank you again for helping make our wedding the happiest day of our lives.

I n s t a g r a m