Tech Tuesday – Leigh & Barry

Wedding Photography Posing and Settings

Nikon D700
50mm f/1.4 lens
Shutter Speed: 1/6400
ISO 800

Shooting mode: aperture priority with +2/3 exposure compensation
Metering mode: evaluative
Focus points: single
Focus mode: one-shot

This photo was taken on May 31st at 5:19pm. The sun was fairly low in the sky, which was perfect for our shoot. I photographed Leigh and Barry’s wedding in 2007, but this photo was taken during a posing workshop that I was recently teaching. They were gracious enough to model for us.

I selected f/1.8 because they weren’t looking at the camera (I wasn’t worried about eyes being sharp) and, using a single focus point, I focused on the line between their noses As always, I prefer to focus recompose, rather than move my focus point.

I will say this: shooting at f/1.8 is risky, so please proceed with caution. But most days I feel pretty crazy, so I went for it. I was far enough away to allow enough depth of field to obtain the focus that I intended.

I probably could have lowered my ISO to get a slower shutter speed, but I love when the shutter speed is super fast because then it’s almost guaranteed to be sharp. And who doesn’t love a sharp image?

Below is the original and edited versions. All adjustments were accomplished in Lightroom.

As usual, I used the Targeted Adjustment Tool (TAT) in Lightroom to remove the blue cast. Remember, blue tuxes and blue hair are my nemesis! I also used the TAT tool to significantly decrease the FLUORESCENT GREEN GRASS.

My entire Lightroom workshop is available online: click here for more info.

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