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I don’t photograph seniors, but when my sweet Goddaughter asked me to take her senior photos last fall, I could not resist! I mean, look at her, she is just the sweetest thing!

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I learned something about seniors: many of them are ONLY on Instagram.

In other words, if you want to market to seniors, you have to be on Instagram.

I have been sharing photos of my brides on Instagram for quite some time, and I’ve never liked the square cropping of the images from my camera (not iPhone). It messes with the composition of my photo!

The Problem
There are a couple of issues with sharing our nice photos on Instagram:
1. We lose our logo or watermark.
2. The photo does not retain it’s intended composition.
3. A screenshot is shared (pixelation!), rather than the high quality image file.
4. The available free apps don’t address the workflow problem.

The Solution
A canvas with square dimensions with our photo displayed with the original composition AND our watermark. The preset I have created, along with the videos is a comprehensive workflow solution.

I love that our clients want to share our images, so let’s make it simple and straightforward WITHOUT adding any time to our workflow.

This isn’t just for my clients, I’m using this solution for the personal photos that I take with my DSLR.

Do you like to save time and money? And promote your business? Click here to jump right to the video series.

When I originally started to tackle this problem, I thought that the best approach would be an export preset in Lightroom as shown by the graphic below. The problem was that it still exported the image in its original proportions, no matter how many pixels I assigned the long edge… which meant that it would still be cropped to a square ration and loose the original composition. THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE!!

Lightroom Preset

Lightroom Instagram

This $8 series contains 3 videos, plus a fourth bonus video for those that LOVE automation and efficiency.

I will show you how to create a custom page size in the Print Module and save a preset to quickly export your photos for Instagram. Once configured, it will take you only a few seconds to prepare, export, upload, and deliver to your client for their use on Instagram.

It will save you time (money) and help to promote your business in way that is effective and efficient.

Instagram + LightroomClick here to jump right to the video series.

  • I LOVE the service this will provide to my seniors. Its a win-win. They get to share their images with ease and the composition of my pictures is protected. These videos make it super easy and something that can be done in minutes. Thanks for Heather for coming up with a solution!

  • Thanks so much for sharing!! This is fab!!

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