For The Love of Marriage

When I began photographing weddings 10 years ago, it was because I am drawn to the emotion… the anticipation, excitement, love, joy… and of course everything feminine and pretty.

Simply put: I LOVE weddings.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer
But as I’ve grown more in my faith and my own relationship, I realized that there was something that I loved more than weddings: MARRIAGE. The lifelong commitment a couple chooses to make with one another is both daunting and blissful. Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer
Craig and I have been married for 14 amazing years. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve remained committed. Unfortunately, our friends are beginning to separate and divorce and my empathy for them has motivated me to take action. Like most of us, I could sit around and feel sorry for everyone, or I could DO something. ANYTHING.

Earlier this year I started a marriage enrichment group for women only. A grass roots movement to slow the divorce rate: one marriage at a time. Our culture has made divorce so commonplace, so acceptable, that we no longer fight for our marriages. The Bible is clear on this one: God hates divorce.

Our meetings are Biblically based, check out my Pinterest board for some of my resources: For The Love of Marriage 

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm near the Beaver Valley Mall to discuss ideas on how to enrich our marriages. Relationships are complex, but I try to keep it light, fun and educational.

Contact me for more details: heather@weddingsbyheather.comPittsburgh Wedding PhotographerWould you like to know the two keys to a successful marriage? Christ centered and a lot of sex.

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