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I have started to write this post several times, but always struggle through my tears. How can I possibly articulate how much this family means to me? How special they are? Words fail me. If you are unfamiliar with Kelly and Jason’s story, please click here to read about their journey.

I remember the day that I met Kelly and Jason: it was September of 2009 and I was photographing their maternity session. I was amazed at how celebratory these two remained in spite of their circumstances. It was a Friday and Bennett was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday. The doctors had painted a very grim picture: Bennett would most likely not survive birth. Yet these parents celebrated the time they were given with him, even if it was in the womb. I marveled at their faith. When I asked Kelly what she most hoped for, she said that she would love to bring Bennett home and have a newborn photography session. Like a normal family. Kelly, these photos are for you.

Kelly Frey BabyI would love to officially introduce Marena Aubrey. In this photo, she is just six days old.
Kelly Frey Baby
She was such a sweetheart for her photo session, and she LOVES her Daddy. I should add, it would melt your heart if you could see the way Bennett gazes at Jason.Kelly Frey Baby
Every baby is a gift, but this angel holds a special place in my heart.Kelly Frey Baby
I’m not sure who is more gorgeous!Kelly Frey Baby
Look at that smile, she is so sweet!Kelly Frey BabyKelly is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. What you see on TV? Only a fraction of her beauty and personality, she absolutely lights up a room.
Kelly Frey Baby
A family of four. Together. Happy. This photos gets me every time. I have an incredible amount of respect for these two, they are the perfect parents for Bennett. He is so lucky to have them.Kelly Frey Baby
This series really makes me laugh… in the first photo, Bennett throws his sister an arm. She then returns the favor. In the bottom left photo it is an all out fight and Mom has to step in. And the last photo? Priceless! Bennett has so much personality, I wish you could hear him! There is so much love and laughter in their home, it’s always a pleasure to spend time with them.Kelly Frey Baby
While I was visiting, I had the opportunity to play and talk with Bennett. The progress that this amazing little boy has made is awe-inspiring. I would literally stare at him while he played and talked to me and it took my breath away. He is a living, breathing miracle. And he has changed my life.

  • Lindsay

    Heather, these pictures are amazing! Kelly and Jason are so blessed to have two beautiful children. I had to hold back the tears when looking at the pictures!
    Great Job once again!!!!!

  • Katie

    Tears. 🙂 So very, very beautiful.

  • Becky

    GORGEOUS!!!! Faimly, story, photos… all gorgeous! I think Bennett and his family have taught us ALL something. Thank you all for sharing!

  • Missie

    Amazing pictures – they brought tears to my eyes! Two beautiful blessings from God for Jason and Kelly.

  • Lisa

    absolutely precious!….so blessed.

  • Roberta

    Awesome pictures! What a beautiful family!

  • Dianne Tima

    Blessings to each of you! You are such an inspiration to all of us. The children are GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Traci Brunner

    Kelly I just read all the “blog” and viewed the photos. Your family is absolutely gorgeous! Bennett has the same beautiful eyes as you have! I can’t wait to see how your miracle family grows!! 🙂

    Traci Brunner

  • Traci Brunner



  • Julie Bailey

    I Love the new pics… but the 4 of Bennett and Marena Aubrey are priceless…. I know Kelly and Jason hear it all the time, but they are so Blessed….

  • Joanne Dick

    Kelly, and Jason you have a very beautifull family thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Kim

    Absolutely beautiful. I watch the Channel 4, 5:00 am news every morning since forever. There are no words that can express these photos, just priceless. Although,I would love to see a photo of Kelly and Bennett with their stunning eyes.

  • Pat Henshawe

    Kelly and Jason, I have all of you in my prayes every day since you had Bennett. Now you have a new little angel that I can send my prayers to. Your children are beautiful and look so much like big brother and little sister. You and Jason have so much courage and love to give to your children. Continued love and luck with the days ahead. What a great Mother’s day this will be. Kiss your babies for me. I miss you in the morning, but your time at home is so important at this time.

  • Sharen Clarke

    Kelly & Jason, I know the Bible tells us not to be envious, but I can’t help being a little bit jealous….I am totally swept away by these pictures & the emotion that just jumps off the screen! Do you need a surrogate grandma? Unless something drastically changes, I don’t see myself with grandchildren for another 5 years….I’d be happy to change some diapers for you 🙂 Hugs to all!

  • Petra

    your photographs ALWAYS fascinate me, no matter who is in them. But ANY pictures you have ever taken of Kelly, Jason, Bennett and now Marena, bring tears to my eyes. Not tears of sadness, tears of happiness. They have been thru so much, yet they keep on going, stronger and stronger every day. Their love for each other and their children is very inspiring and should be set as an examples to many of the parents that don’t always know just how blessed they really are. So since today is a National Day of Prayer, let’s all pray together. Not just for Kelly and her family, but for each other, for all the blessings we so often don’t acknowledge or recognize. God Bless!

  • Cathy N

    Cathy N. kelly and jason what a wonderful family, God sure is blessing all of you ,two precious little ones, and both so beautiful.these photos are simply beautiful and breath taking. May God always bless you so much for being wonderful loving family,enjoy both you little ones , waiting for your return to Chan 4 . kiss both the little ones for me and waiting for more pictures of the children love to all

  • I love this shoot. Great job. How are you liking your Nikon gear on your shoots now? I made the switch 5 years ago and never looked back.I do miss my 85 and 50 1.2 but the 1.4 is just as good 🙂

  • Leslie Slevin

    Those photos are awesome, one of the pediatricians I work for has heather do her photography, You have a very nice family Kellyand Jason. Glad Bennett is doing well! Congratulations! I watch you and Michelle every morning before I go to work.

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