Congratulations Kelly and Jason!

And welcome baby Marena Aubrey!

Kelly Frey Baby
I was honored to be present to document her birth for Jason and Kelly and their families, I adore all of them more than words can say. I wanted to post these photographs quickly for everyone to enjoy, please check back next week for more!Kelly Frey Baby
Marena was born at 4:10pm this afternoon, April 15th, weighing 8 lbs 11 ounces and she could not possibly be any cuter! I think she looks like Bennett!Kelly Frey Baby
A fun picture of Kelly and I prior to the birth, I just love her to death!Kelly Frey Baby
Kelly and Jason’s Journey:
Kelly’s Maternity Session (Bennett)
Bennett’s Birth
Bennett at One Week
Bennett is Home
Bennett is ONE!

  • Wow, she looked AMAZING going into delivery! Beautiful work, can’t wait to see the rest!


    Kelly God Bless you and your beautiful family. Congradulations to You Jason and Bennett. Bennett is a big brother now. Love You Donna Castllo

  • Lisa

    So gorgeous. I love this picture.

  • Nikki Weiss

    Kelly and Jason…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

    Kelly…only YOU can look AMAZING after delivering a baby!! You are such a wonderful person to watch. Your spirit is absolutely contagious! I just love watching you! Your baby is absolutely precious and adorable! I am so happy for you and so happy for your family! Enjoy! God Bless!

  • Cathy N

    hi Kelly and Jason, congratulations on the birth of your little darling girl, and the pictures of Bennett are adorable, he is sure a blessing to both of you, and doing so well , God does perform miracles and Bennet is one, what a beautiful family you all make. Take care of the children and God bless all of you and keep each of you in His care. i’ll be waiting for more pictures on web with Heather.Love to all of you We will miss you on Ch 4 but take time with the children and we will be waiting for your return and all the news you wil tell us via Ch 4 Love Cathy N

  • terry rea

    oh kelly how exciting for you. your children are absolutely gorgeous and you are an amazing women. god bless your beautiful children.

  • bonnie c

    Kelly & Jason,
    Congrats on you new little girl she is so beautiful…Bennett is going to make a great big bother..he is so adorable..what a lovely family youns have congrats… love listening to you in the mornings…god bless






  • Dani Jo Cuthbert

    Congrats on the beautiful baby girl!!!! She’s beautiful just like her mama!

  • Cristy

    Congratulations to the new big brother and proud parents! Your family deserves all the happiness in the world!!! May God Bless each and everyone of you every day!

    PS……Beautiful photography

  • Marianne

    kelly you are blest, two children what a joy!!!God bless you

  • charlotte


  • Lori Tedesco

    These pictures are lovely, absolutely gorgeous, and so is your daughter. May Marena and Bennett bless your house as only the laughter of children can!!!! God Bless you both!!!!

  • Kim Blackhurst and family

    kelly and jason congrats to your second little angel she is a doll beautiful name i hope little bennet is doing well love you guys godbless and hugss to both of your little angels

  • dawn

    congrats on the baby hope the both are doing good she looks cute and so does your little boy once again congrats

  • Wendi

    Welcome to the World, Marena! While I don’t personally know your parents, I can tell that you are a very lucky little girl! Your parents seem like wonderful people who will love you unconditionally and with every last inch of their being. You are also very lucky to have big brother, Bennett, to look after you as you grow, which makes your future that much brighter. May your life be full of blessings and happiness and may all your dreams come true!

    Jason, Kelly, and Bennett…I wish you all every happiness with the new addition to your family and with each special moment spent together. May every moment be one to cherish. God Bless!

    P.S. – Kelly, I hope I look as beautiful the day I give birth as you looked today. A true Gem!

  • Tracey

    Kelly, how can you look so nice right before you give birth? lol Congratulations on the birth of your daughter and God bless your family. Thank you for sharing your beatiful Children with us, your are an inspiration to all of us.

  • Kathy

    Congratulations on your beautiful babies. Your strength and faith is an inspiration. Enjoy your new addition!!

  • Carole B

    Jason and Kelly Such wonderful news! A beautiful girl to complete your family. Many blessings. I am the mom of a 23 y/o disabled son his progress has been remarkable over the years. I have been blessed to be his caretaker. I have learned so musch from him. Stay strong always work in harmony and peace will grace your home.

  • lisa rearick


  • lisa rearick


  • Ricky Lee

    Welcome to your family Marena. You have a beautiful brother Bennett, and Mom & Dad, Kelley and Jason waiting for your arrival home.

  • Marena is amazing! I wish you & your family all the happiness & love. Bennet will make an amazing Big Bother!! Remember, God only lets us watch over them for a while. They are God’s Borrowed Angels. Happy for you & your Husband…..Congradulations!

  • Rita Kleinman

    A beautiful girl to go along with your darling boy. And the smile on Jason’s face, under the mask, is priceless!

  • JoAnne Byers

    Congradulations Kelly, You look beautiful even during the hardest job a woman can have!!! I am so HAPPY for all of you. Enjoy your beautiful family and looking forward to your return to WTAE……… We love you Kelly!

  • Trish

    Happy Birthday Marena!! You are blessed and so is your entire family. Welcome to the world!


  • Irene Acri

    Dear Kelly
    Congratulations on your beautifull little girl Marena. God bless you and your family.

    Best of everything

  • Cindy Clarke

    God Bless you all! A wonderful family!!

  • Jean

    Congratulations Kelly and Jason. I am so happy for you all.Good luck with your children. You all are a couple of wonderful parents. I don’t know you , but as a great grandma I can see it love to all

  • Rose

    Kelly and Jason What a beautiful girl We r so very happy for u and family. Your son is the most beatuiful child so full of life and our prayers are with him always. He has truly come a long way..So happy for your new bundle of joy. May your children truly bless your life and bring you much happiness and love…Always a fan

  • mariann bulko


  • Jan Barum

    Little Miss Marena is just beautiful. Happy times. God Bless

  • Joy Brieck

    God has blessed you with this new, beautiful angel! I could barely sleep last night wondering if your new precious one had been born. She’s absolutely gorgeous, just like her parents. God bless you all! Hugs, Joy

  • Congratulations to Kelly & Jason on the birth of their beautiful baby girl. She looks just like her big brother, Bennett! Thank you to Kelly, her family and to you Heather for sharing these personal photographs with everyone! May God Bless You All!

  • Janet Kademenos

    Hi Kelly, Jason and Bennett
    I’m so happy for you. I was praying all would go well for you. Babies are the greatest miracle God gives and now you have two little miracles!!! Enjoy every moment because time goes by too quickly. I’ll miss you on the news in the morning, but I hope you enjoy your time off. God Bless Janet

  • Brenda, Cindy,Patty Diana.

    Congratulation’s Kelly and Jason she is such a Blessing.My sister’s and I will miss you in the morning’s Stay home and enjoy your wonderful family that’s the best thing’s in Life.

  • Cindy

    Kelly, Jason, & Bennett, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a beautiful gift from God. You are so blessed to have two beautiful children in your lives. May you all have many more blessings to come. Bennett is going to be a great big brother. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  • I follow Kelly and her family all the time and just love her, Some of the news people come in my building and I always ask how she and her son are doing. God bless your beautiful family,,, your daughter is just gorgeous. Blessings to all of you,

  • Mary Lynn

    Congratulations on your beautiful little baby girl. You have two amazing and gorgeous little children, and may God Bless you and your family. Enjoy them both as they grow up so quickly! Congratulations again, and hopefully you will keep us updated on their growth. Kelly, you are awesome, adn we will be awaiting your quick return!

  • Sheri Abbott

    May God bless your beautiful family. You have two beautiful children and I wish you and Jason the best of evrything. I’ll miss you in the morning, but stay home and enjoy your children. I will be looking forward when you do return and hopefully, you’ll have pictures to share. I love my wakeup news with you and Mike.

  • lisa sethman

    congrats both your babys are beautiful

  • Lindsay

    congratulations, she is beautiful. You have two beautiful children and I wish you and your husband the best in everything. You are very lucky to have Heather to capture those memories that you will have to share for ever. Congrats again!

  • Barb Kennelly

    Congratulations Kelly and Jason and Bennett! What a beautiful baby girl! God Bless you! Two beautiful babies! You are truly blessed!

  • Jane Kelley

    Congratulations and God’s blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  • Carolyn Suarez

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, love and prayers for all of you.

  • Sharen Clarke

    Marena is sooo adorable!! So happy for Kelly & Jason & baby Bennett!! Thank you Lord for a safe delivery for Kelly & Marena. I just have to say that only Kelly would have on full makeup for her delivery… – Love you – take care & enjoy those babies!!

  • Debby

    Welcome to your new C.P.A. (cute, precious, addition) She’s as adorable as Bennett and I’m sure “Big Brother” loves his “Little Sister.” Enjoy your children for they grow so fast. You hold them in your arms one day and hug them on a college campus the next. May God bless the four of you.

  • Roger

    Congratulations to Jason and Kelley, again! We are regular viewers of the morning news on WTAE each morning, and, Kelley, we see you every morning. Good luck with both of these lovely, young children!

  • Roger

    Come to think of it Jason and Kelly, it’ll be easy to remember Marena’s birthday. Think of her as another tax deduction for you.

  • Jeannine Miller

    Congratulations Kelly and Jason, you have a beautiful family there, God Bless all of you.

  • Joan

    Congratulations to you and your family. God Bless the four of you.

  • Missy

    What a beautiful family. May God keep you in his care.

  • Peggy

    Congratulations, she is beautiful, Love the name. My prayers are with you, Jason, Bennett and now Marena, God Bless.

  • Debbie Townsend

    God has blessed you and Jason with a beautiful baby girl and is still working his miracles with that handsome little Bennett. I was away and the first thing I asked when I called home on Saturday morning….Did Kelly have her baby..are they okay? Could not wait to go tell the friends I was sharing my weekend with.

  • Sharon

    Congrrtulations she is beautiful, God Bless you.

  • Sherri

    Congratulations to you all on the beautiful addition to your family! God is good!

  • Diane

    Kelly & Jason – I am so thrilled for you with the birth of your beautiful baby girl, Marena. She is just adorable! Bennett is so sweet and everything is so perfect! GOD IS GOOD! Your children have amazing parents–you can see the love in their eyes! You will all be together this Easter–your first family holiday with your two children. It will be a beautiful Easter and the perfect time to give thanks to God for your lovely family. We wish you nothing but the best! God bless all of you!

  • Robin

    Kelly and Jason – CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of Marena; she is a beautiful baby just like Bennett. You are so blessed with a perfect family. Kelly, I watch you every weekday morning with Mike and your personality is contageous. We’ll miss you over the next weeks while your family is bonding. Enjoy!

  • Kathy C

    Kelly and Jason,

    May God bless you and your beautiful family. You are truly blessed!!

  • JoEllen

    Congratulations Kelly, Jason and Bennett. Marena is beautiful.

  • Dear Kelly and Jason–What a beautiful family you have.Love Kelly on the a.m. news-really liked when Kelly and Wendy were a team.god Bless your wonderful children. Kathy

  • Michele

    She looks a LOT like Bennett. What beautiful, beautiful children! All the best to the Frey-Luhn family, and Heather, your photography is ALWAYS amazing!

  • MJ Kelly

    Wanted to say congratulations on your little cutie. How blest you and your husband are. You and your husband have been wonderful parents to Bennett and now he has company. May your blessings continue as they grow. You are truly an inspiration.

  • Marinell

    Congrats Kelly and Jason and baby Bennett, she is beautiful and I think she looks like Bennett, which is a good thing because he is a cutie, they both have those fat cheeks like both of my girls did many,many,years ago.Can’t wait for more pics, and Kelly enjoy every moment with them they grow too fast!!God bless your beautiful family.

  • Elaine Balue

    Congratulations Jason & Kelly on your beautiful baby girl & also to big brother Bennett! Love you so much on the news, Kelly, & even though I’m retired now, I still get up to watch. Keep us updated on the family & God Bless all of you!

  • Patti K.

    Congratulations Kelly and Jason and the birth of your beautiful baby girl and loved all the pictures of Bennett also. He is just beautiful also. You have a beautiful family and God Bless the 4 of you always. Will be looking forward to you returning to the morning news. Get some rest ! 🙂

  • JoAnn

    Congratulations Jason,Kelly and Bennett. Marena is as beautiful as you are Kelly. God Bless your lovely family.

  • hascie

    Good Heavens, Miss Kelly, who looks that beautiful after just giving birth? And could Jason be any more lovely and wonderful in his reaction to seeing his child the first time? (both times) You are blessed. And we will all keep sending blessings; you are our family, our hometown girl and guy with babes in tow. I’d like to ask you to come to Luciano’s in Cranberry and ask for Hascie to wait on you – that’s me. Dinner will be on me. Kelly and Jason, even if I never get to meet you, to thank you for your strength and wonderful example of triumph over such overwhelming odds. Know Icare and love you!


  • Shirley

    Kelly, Jason and Bennet,
    Praise the Lord for your healthy baby daughter. What a beautiful addition to your already blessed family.
    A faithful morning news watcher.

  • Barb

    Marena welcome to the world! You are so blessed to have such great parents and a great big brother at home to love and care for you always! And Kelly you look absoulutley gorgeous as you always do even after giving birth your amazing I admire you!

    Blessings to your Family


  • I was so happy to hear about your new arrival. What a blessing for your family. Kelly you are so beautiful even after delivering a baby. Little Bennett is so blessed to have parents like you and Jason. I will truly miss you in the morning–but stay home as long as you need. Enjoy your babies–they grow up so fast.

  • Judy

    Kelly and Jason,
    You two are incredible parents. May God bless you and Bennett, what a special little boy. I love the picture with you Kelly and Bennett, when you were talking to him and he is looking directly into your eyes. He is in your eyes and your heart…what a cute little guy.
    Welcome to little Marena and what a great name you chose for her. I hope that one day she and Bennett will be the best of buddies. I know it is hard right now…but with the help of God and you great parents, this will be just so happy for you all.
    I miss seeing you Kelly, as you are a great Anchor…but enjoy your babies and Jason for right now. Love and hugs..

  • Pat Henderson


    I just wanted to tell you congratulations on the birth of your little girl. I have to say you are an amazing person with everything you have been thru. I just love watching you and Mike Clark in the morning.

    Take care

  • Dear Kelly,
    Watching you every morning makes me feel like we’re friends…and friends look out for friends. I have been praying hard for you and your husband to concieve a healthy baby….You both soo deserve this. I am among thousands of fans who felt that your decision to hang on to your pregnancy with Beautiful Bennett was very courageous, and the right thing to do. The Lord has blessed all of us with your Faith in Him…I truly believe that God doesn’t make mistakes and everything happens for a reason….HIS reason! Thank you for all you do, and my sincere and heartfelt congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! (I love both of their names!) TRY to get some rest,(ha!)and I look forward to seeing you back on the air soon…along with lots of pictures of all of your beautiful family! May God Bless You ..All Ways…Happy Easter!

  • Shannon

    Congratulations! She is so beautiful! You are so amazing to share all of this with us. I pray for you and your family all of the time. Bennett now has a baby sister to keep after and that in itself will give him even more courage to continue to defy the odds. May God continue to bless all of you!

  • Rose from Edgewood

    Congratulations to all! Your new baby is absolutely beautiful, and you have a lovely family. You are truly blessed . . . keep the faith! Love and prayers being sent your way from a viewer!

  • Gina

    Congratulations to you and your family on your new blessing! What did you do work all day, then go have the baby when you were finished working your shift? I just saw you on TV! What an inspiration 🙂 God bless you all.

  • Ethel Morrison

    I am so happy for you Kelly and Jason! I watch channel 4 all the time and was wondering when your due date was,Kelly.
    All the best to your family.

  • kim morrison

    Congratulations to Kelly and her family. Both children are beautiful. God Bless them all with a future of love, health and prosperity.

  • Connie

    A beautiful little girl for a beautiful lady! You have a lovely family. Enjoy.

  • Debbie Segady

    Debbie from N. Versailles – Congratulations Kelley, Jason and Bennett. She is beautiful and now Bennett is a big brother.
    You all deserve the best. Take care! 🙂


  • Chami H.

    Congratulations on your family new addition! As a long time WTAE viewer, I’m so happy for you and your family story book life continuing…Happily Ever After!

  • Fran Beck

    Dear Kelly and Jason,

    Congratulations to you both, and to Bennett, as you welcome your new daughter/sister, Marena. She is a beautiful little babe, and Bennett will be a wonderful big brother.
    In coming here today to see the pictures of Marena, I saw for the first time the pictures of Bennett when he turned one. What a beautiful miracle child you have! His gorgeous blue eyes, gazing so intently at Mom – what an awe-inspiring photo!! God has certainly blessed you immensely, and will continue to do so as you raise your lovely family. Blessings for a Happy Easter, too!
    Fran Beck

  • Diane

    Dear Kelly and Jason
    We are all so happy for you and your family. You now have 2 very beautiful children. I wish you all the best. Look out they do grow up very fast.
    Blessing to you and your family and hope you have a wonderful Happy Easter!
    We already miss you in the morning but you have a very good reason to be off, so enjoy.
    Diane Y

  • Cindi Luca

    Kelly and Jason…Congratulations on you beautiful baby girl…now your family is complete…Bennett is getting so big and also beautiful…I wish you nothing but the best…this Easter you are blessed…I watch you every morning and can’t wait for more pictures…Happy Easter!

  • Deanna Conkle

    Dear Kelly, Jason and Bennett, We are so happy for all of you and your new baby daughter/sister. I really think she looks like Bennett. Have been following your pregnancy and am so happy for you and your beautiful family. God Bless all of you.

  • JoAnn Grejda

    God Bless you all…so happy for you. Bennett gets to be the big brother!! Enjoy your time off……Happy Easter.

  • Michelle Haar

    Hello Kelly and Jason. Just got on your website and what a surprise! A baby girl! Congratuation! I thought maybe you would have named your son Harry and your daughter Elsie LOL.Just a nice thought of your Grandparent’s. Anyway so glad you are happy and I wish you so much happiness with your family. What a blessing, My thought’s are with you, Michelle

  • Congratuation Jason, Kelly, Bennett and family. You have such a beautiful bundle there and Bennett will be such a good and protective brother. My husband and I watch you everyday Kelly and look forward to seeing you when you get back. Take it easy and enjoy your time off with your children. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the two of them. Take care and God bless all of you.

    Marlene & Tom

  • Pat Golembiewski

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. My best wishes to all of you. Kelly – I will miss you in the morning but want you to enjoy this precious time with your children. Looking forward to more pictures.

  • Lois

    Once of each – a boy and now a girl. What a beautiful family you have. Miss you on the news, but take the time and take care of your two beautiful babies.

  • Lisa Lioi

    Congrats Kelly and Jason! 🙂 I wake up with you, Kelly, on WTAE every morning getting my kids off to school, and it is so nice to see your smiling face every day! I pray God’s richest blessings on you and your beautiful children! They are truly a gift from God…:)

  • Kelly Hirshka

    Congratulations to all of you! You have a lovely, wonderful family. May God continue to bless you all through the years to come! <3

  • patricia Connelly

    Kelly, Congrats on your beautiful baby girl Marena. What a great
    family. Your strenght and FAITH inspires many. God Bless you all.

  • Kelly

    I am so happy for you!! Both of your kids are beautiful!!!

  • Eleanor from Plum

    Dear Kelly, Jason and Bennett — Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby daughter (& sister). I am so happy for you and thank the Lord for another special little blessing in your life. She is absolutely beautiful. I was so happy to see the updated photos on precious little Bennett also – what an amazing little boy and such a cutie – truly a miracle. You are such an inspiration and your faith has been an example to us all. Through every circumstance in our lives, God is still always faithful. May He richly bless your family.

    Love Eleanor

  • Lisa Speer

    Dear Kelly and Jason, Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Marena! She will be a wonderful addition to your family and Bennett will be truly blessed to have her for his sister! Enjoy your time off with her, they grow up so fast!

  • Michelle Lavelle

    Congrats Jason, Kelly and Bennett as you welcome your little girl into your loving family. God Bless

  • […] Congratulations Kelly and Jason! […]

  • Barbara

    The photos taken of Kelly (and family) are absolutely precious! What a beautiful collection for remembrance! Well done!

  • Mary Lou

    Kelly & Jason,
    What beautiful photos of your new precious baby girl. Bennett looks very proud of being a “big brother”. Best wishes to all of you and Marena is beautiful. Bennett looks like you Kelly. Thanks for sharing the pics. God Bless.

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