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I love having our family portraits taken, it is so much fun to be on the other side of the camera.

Pittsburgh Family Photographer
I met Tiffany from Munchkin and Mohawks a year and a half ago and adored her immediately. We share a love for God, our children and a passion for our respective photography businesses. I am lucky enough to have many photographer friends, but when it came time to ask someone to photograph my family, I knew that Tiffany’s style suited my vision. My sweet Ella and I are very close and I just adore this photograph of us.Pittsburgh Family Photographer
Oh my gosh, look at the handsome men in my life!! I am not sure how Tiffany managed to get this AMAZING image from a three year old that never sits still, but she worked her magic and produced fantastic results. Evan is such a sweet, talkative, out-going little boy, we love him so much!Pittsburgh Family Photographer
It’s impossible to describe just how gifted Tiffany is in the area of creative design. She spent hours prior to our session talking with us about who we are, what we like, and how we interact as a family. She scouted several locations, she stylized everything down to the last detail.Pittsburgh Family Photographer
My girl has been in front of the camera her entire life… it’s safe to say that she enjoys the attention.Pittsburgh Family Photographer
Isn’t this image to die for? It may seem strange for one photographer to promote another, but it is easy to gush about Tiffany. As I am primarily a wedding photographer, I refer family sessions directly to her. If you are interested in a session, you may want to contact her immediately, she is currently booking into AUGUST 2011.Pittsburgh Family Photographer
We are a very close family and we love Jesus. Ella and I made the crosses that are hanging from the tree. My eyes well up with tears and my heart aches when I think about how much I love my husband and our children. We are so blessed.Pittsburgh Family Photographer
One of my favorite photographs of Craig and I of ALL TIME.Pittsburgh Family Photographer
I think we were laughing here because we felt bad for Tiffany… I kept saying… how does she do it, these kids are crazy!! She was so patient and worked SO HARD to get the best out of us and she succeeded. Tiffany, I cannot thank you enough for these timeless images, you have been blessed with an amazing talent.Pittsburgh Family Photographer

  • Wow, what amazing pictures. Heather, your family is so beautiful and Tiffany is such an incredible person and what a talented photographer. You both deserve all the good things that can come your way.

  • Cathy H.

    Amazing pictures of your beautiful family.

  • maria

    Awesome pictures! You guys all look fantastic! Hope all is well.

  • Lindsay

    Heather these pictures are amazing. Your family is beautiful. Your daughter is a mini you and your son is a mini hubby! Hope you are all doing well.

  • Sylvia

    Beautiful, beautiful. I love this family so much!!

  • I absolutely love love love the first image and that 8th image of you and Craig is to die for!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Your family is gorgeous! You sure are blessed!

  • Anne Wilmus

    Wow, I love these!

  • These pictures are gorgeous! Very good looking family.

  • Oh Heather- I just ran across this. I have tears in my eyes I am so honored that you would speak of me like that. Your family is truly amazing. God has gifted you with so many things…I thank him for putting you in my life, You are a great encourager – amazing mother- and gifted photographer. Thank YOU!

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