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Congratulations to my cousin Melissa and her new husband, Josh!! They were married at our Grandma’s farm in New Sewickley and held their reception at Franzee’s in Ambridge. I was not the official photographer at their wedding as I made an announcement some years ago that I would no longer photograph family weddings because I wanted to celebrate, dance, and have fun with everyone else. My dear friend Joanne Bartone photographed the wedding for them and I can’t thank her enough. But here’s the thing: it is a wedding and I am a wedding photographer… so naturally I had my camera, below are a few of my shots.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
Melissa was a beautiful bride!!Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
And for the first time in five years, I called her husband by his name. When we first met him, I called him The Boyfriend. When they got engaged, he thought he deserved a name, but he was wrong… he was The Fiance. I explained to him that he would not get a name until there was a wedding band on his hand. But ya know what? I like this kid, he’s alright.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
Love the old plows and farm equipment.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
Essentially, this is the same photograph as above, but I focused on her with her dad, rather than the plow.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
Our sweet, sweet, 91 year old Grandma. Melissa and I both share her middle name, Jean.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
I’m not sure who this ring bearer belongs to, but he was soooo cute.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
Detail edging of her veil.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
I was in heaven.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
I love the farm, I have so many memories playing in the barn as kids. We are there quite often, and while I photograph in/on/around the barn all the time, this was my first chance with a bride. Could have photographed them all day.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
I loved photographing them so much that I might try to talk them into getting dressed up again to just play around. I also recently photographed my brother’s engagement session at Grandma’s.Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh
I love this photo. My cousin Kenny and my brothers Donnie and Mike carved their names on the inside of the large barn door. Allow me to rephrase. There is only one person that could be behind this, and that is my brother Donnie (deceased). There is no doubt in my mind that he wrote Kenny’s name first to make it look like Kenny did it, and Mike was too young at the time. He did this over 40 years ago and it brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.
Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer
Like I mentioned above, I like to have fun at weddings. The only time I left the dance floor was during the bouquet/garter toss. Congratulations again to Melissa and Josh, we had a BLAST at your wedding! Let’s do it again!Farm Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh

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    Beautiful pictures of a magical day!

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