Holly & Scott | Sacred Heart Parish Wedding Photographer

Holly and Scott were married at Sacred Heart Parish in Shadyside, and held their reception at The Pennsylvanian. Holly was simply a radiant bride.Sacred Heart Parish Wedding Photographer
Not to be outdone, the family dog, Sabrina, loved posing for Craig.

The lovely Sabrina, family pet, wedding portraits, pittsburgh
A special thanks to Holly’s sister (and matron of honor), Susan and her husband Matt for the referral. I photographed their wedding at Armstrong Farms in 2006.Sacred Heart Parish Wedding Photographer
They were just walking around the chairs to be seated, but I loved the way they held on to one anothers fingertips.Sacred Heart Parish Wedding Photographer
Craig captured the first kiss from a great angle!Sacred Heart Parish Wedding Photographer
Love the repeating pattern of the archways.Sacred Heart Parish Wedding Photographer
This *is* Holly. She is vibrant, fun, energetic and full of love. Scott was helping her with her veil.Sacred Heart Parish Wedding Photographer
We photographed outside of Scared Heart, such a beautiful church.The Pennsylvanian Wedding Photographer
I asked Scott to pick up his new bride and kiss her, photograph by Craig.The Pennsylvanian Wedding Photographer
The inside of The Pennsylvanian was beautiful. Craig had to hustle to get this photograph prior to the guests entering the room.

The Pennsylvanian
Holly is an INCREDIBLE dancer and I love the slow shutter speed that Craig used in this photograph to capture the motion.The Pennsylvanian Wedding Photographer
Here she is dancing with her father, I’m pretty sure she could win Dancing with the Stars.The Pennsylvanian Wedding Photographer
It was crazy windy (and it was pouring sideways) as a storm moved in during Holly and Scott’s reception. We put Holly’s veil back on, but the wind was stronger than the comb, I was lucky enough to capture it flying away. This is probably one of my all-time favorite images, most likely because I have been planning something like this in my head for over a year. Was so excited when all of the elements finally came together.The Pennsylvanian Wedding Photographer
A few of my favorite details.The Pennsylvanian Wedding Photographer
Make-up Artist: Jennifer Palermo
Florist: Hepatica
Videographer: Parker Productions
Bakery: Rania
Entertainment: Three Rivers Entertainment
Colors: Cream, purple, blue
Flowers: roses, hydrangea’s

  • Amanda

    I love the veil shot! I know exactly what you mean about planning shots in your head. You think up exactly what you want to do but then you have to wait for just the right couple or just the right gown, just the right weather, etc. I am still waiting for the perfect staircase for the “bride walking down the steps” shot I see in my head. I’ve tried so many staircases – it’s like goldilocks and the three bears – some stairs are too narrow, some stairs are too short, some stairs are too dark, some stairs are not pretty enough… Cheers to the magic when the planets align 🙂

  • Keith Cephus

    Simply stunning wedding Heather!! You knocked this one out the box!!

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