Bridal Session

I LOVE this photograph that I recently captured at a private consultation. I offer many avenues for learning photography (please visit my workshop page), but in this case, an aspiring photographer hired me for a hands-on post bridal photography session. Her friend was recently married, so she asked her to get dressed again. We spent a few hours shooting, where I taught my approach to lighting, posing and working with the client, and then we worked together to post process the photographs. It was a blast!!!

I often drive by fields like this and think to myself… if I only had a bride. Therefore you can imagine my excitement when my wish finally came true! I will be sharing more from this session soon.
Pittsburgh Photography Workshops

  • April Morabito

    Absolutely beautiful. that sounds like a great workshop, i’ll have to really consider it!

  • Carrie


  • Anne Wilmus

    I love this photo!

  • Very nice!

  • Shannon

    First off i want to say all of your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I myself am an aspiring photographer, I LOVE to take photographs. Mostly, of my 2 children, I am looking for a workshop to teach me what i need to know to become a GREAT photographer. From what i see you offer exactly what i am looking to learn. So, i guess my next question is how do i go about getting started? I live in Indiana,Pa do you travel here to give the sessions or do you do it from a specific location? How long are the sessions and how long do they last? and last but most important what are your fees?? I have the hopes of becoming a professional photographer i just need the stepping stones to get there. Thank you so much, i look forward to hearing from you. Shannon

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