Kristin & Mark – First Look

Kristin and Mark decided to have their first look surrounded by their families prior to there ceremony. I will be posting more photographs from their wedding, but I wanted to specifically note this very moving, beautiful moment. Present were their siblings, along with both sets of parents, which made the first look special for the people closest to them.

It was intimate and tender, and I’m sure their parents were thrilled to be a part of it, especially Kristin’s mom.

Even Kristin’s niece knew what a special event she was witnessing.

I urge couples to consider seeing one another prior to the ceremony as the moment is much more intimate and special than seeing each other from across the church. Kristin and Mark took their families with them to take photos prior to the ceremony. As a result, there are many photographs including the people that are closest to them. Taking photographs prior to the ceremony also relieves pressure/stress that can sometimes be present when rushing around to get photos after the ceremony. We were able to capture many, many photographs prior, but also spend more time with just the bride and groom afterwards.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

As a result of the fact that photographs were very important to Kristin and Mark, they allocated time for photography. More time = more photographs. Wonderful!

  • Carrie

    Lovely photographs, as always!
    And her bracelet is beautiful, as well!!

  • Christa

    Amazing photos! You guys are freaking beautiful! So happy for you, Kristin! Congratulations! Christa

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