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Meet Bennett, he is a very special little boy. And even though he isn’t born yet, he has touched many, many lives.
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
Bennett is the son of Jason and Kelly, and something tells me that he has blue eyes just like his parents.
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
You may recognize Kelly, she is a reporter with WTAE in Pittsburgh. I always thought that she was very pretty, but she is even more gorgeous in person. She was rocking the maternity jeans and sexy shoes.
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know these two, they are just delightful to be around. And look at how great Kelly looks!
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
If you are familiar with their story, then you may know where this post is headed. Bennett was diagnosed with holoprosencephaly early in Kelly’s pregnancy and may not live long after birth. Please click here to read the interview they did with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. These two are amazing, I am thankful that I was able to come into their lives.
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
Kelly will be having a c-section next week, and although they remain hopeful through faith in God, they will not know whether Bennett will be able to breathe on his own until he is delivered. I will be present at the hospital as I volunteer with an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. I encourage you to read through the information on their website, it is a wonderful group.
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
This is the majestic view from Kelly and Jason’s front yard, and given the frame of mind we were in, it made me feel close to God. Hopeful. Prayerful.
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
I’d like to close this post on a more upbeat note and introduce you to the family pets (one elusive dog is missing). The reason is because even though this is an extremely difficult time for Kelly and Jason, they remain positive and upbeat.  I am truly inspired by their strength.

This is Nina and she spent most of her time taking it easy.
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
Oh my gosh, look at Lilly. How could you not love this big, ball of fur?
Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
Chuck and I had plenty of fun… until I accidentally threw his toy where he couldn’t reach it. Then he gave me this really sad look… as if to say… why, Heather, why.
`Pittsburgh Maternity Photography
Please keep Jason, Kelly and Bennett in your prayers.

  • Becky

    WOW. I read the article about Kelly, Jason and Bennett and am in awe at how strong they are. How blessed are you to have met them! And how strong you are to do work for the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Amazing. My prayers and thoughts are with this family and all who go through something like this. Truly special people, all of you.

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  • Sarah

    I applaud the strength of Kelly Frey and her husband Jason. God Bless their beautiful son.

  • Barb Mele

    My prayers go out to Jason and Kelly. I enjoy watching Kelly so much on WTAE and I give her so much credit for being so upbeat everyday while she was handling this difficult pregnancy. Her true faith in God will pull them through. Love to Bennett. Hang in there kiddo.

  • Diane Ruffalo

    I used to see Kelly years ago walking her dogs by my home. She was always friendly and always spoke. I wish Kelly and her husband and her beautiful baby only the best of everything and may God Bless this wonderful “family”.

  • Candice and Jami

    We work together and watch you every morning. We have been following your pregnancy and have been praying for you. Bennett is “beautiful” as are his parents and we will continue to pray that God watches over him.

  • Hey Kelly,

    Long time no see huh? The church is so quiet without your wonderfull voice lightening the halls. Ihear yo recently had a baby boy. Congratulaions.:) I also hear that he has some brain issues. I wanted to let you know that i will be praying for you, your family, and the new baby. I am currently a freshmen and i am also helping in K-1 again with Holly Tambelini (but its not the same without you). I hope to run into you or her from you soon.
    With love,
    Taylor Lynn Porter

  • Diane

    Kelly & Jason, Congratulations on such a beautiful gift from God! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your faith will see you through!!! God bless all of you!

  • Marlene Righino

    Kelly and Jason
    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy, Bennett. My prayers go out to you and Jason. Your faith in God will get you thru this difficult time. I too went thru difficult times with my daughter.
    (I am Amy Mullaney’s mom. She worked at WTAE)

  • Cheryl



  • V.A.

    First on all congradulations on the special little guy.
    Those two seem like they would be the best of parents.
    I have seen Kelly on TV and around town for years.(She is absolutely a lovely person, but beyond that,) she is amazing and very special. I have been in her company a few times now at a local shop we both go to and in talking with her you can see how smart and good hearted she is. Her husband and family must be so proud of her. I pray that she and her family will handle this tender time in their life with much love and in peace. God has blessed her in many ways. With time being the wisest of all counselers, Kelly and her family will be even more special. Prayers to all. Peace be with you.

  • Colleen

    Heather what an amazing thing that you did for this couple. I read their story in the paper. And I was deeply touched by their courage and complete faith in God. I have been praying for them. I always follow your blog because I love your pictures and I am inspired by you passion for what you do. when I saw that you photographed them I believe that you were placed in their life for a reason. I feel blessed to have you as a friend and I treasure my photos that you have taken of my children. You are so much more than a photograher. You have a special gift and what is so great is that you have discovered this wonderful gift and you share it with those around you. Thank you Heather!

  • Jason and Kelly
    God bless your baby Bennett. May you receive good reports and may many more miracles come your way. God is watching over your little Bennett. You all are in my prayers and thoughts. So glad you posted such a wonderful and heartfelt story, and that you were so open about your journey. Thank you.

  • Beckie Paulick

    Kelly and Jason, Bennett is truly a miracle, what a beautiful baby. Keep the faith, God is Good.

  • Liane

    God bless and keep all of you! I once read a plaque that stated,”The astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen!” I believe that you have been blessed with a truly astonishing little miracle with the birth of Bennett! Congrats to the new family!! May God keep the new little one and his family in His care!

  • Kathie and Amy

    We are keeping you in our prayers. Your baby boy is beautiful.
    The three of you make a lovely family. God bless you.From two loving mom’s to another loving mom.

  • My prayers go out to Kelly and her husband. I read about kelly in the newspaper. My heart was broken praise god that Kept the baby… Now the other day I saw the photo’s . What a blessing and what a cute little baby boy. All my friends are praying for the Frey Family. Welcome to the world baby Bennett!!!

  • Janet

    Kelly and Jason,

    God Bless you and little Bennett, he truly is a miracle and proof that there is a God. I have been praying for your family and will continue to do so. May you continue to receive good news. Stay as upbeat and positive and never lose hope. God Bless!

  • Sue rhodes

    Just wondering how Kelly and her family are doing. How is baby Bennett? They continue to be in our prayers.

  • Kelly,Jason & Baby Bennett~ I think about you three all the time. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. I love the new pics,they are adorable! I hope that baby Bennett is getting stronger & healthier. You were so beautiful when you were pregnant. I was so happy when I read in the paper acouple days ago that is brain was getting bigger. I cant wait to see more pics of him with his new mom and new dad.

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  • And this is thew reason I love ewddnigsbyheather.com. Insightful ppsts.


  • Kelly, you are such a special and beautiful person. God surely has blessed you and will continue to take care of Bennett along with you and your husband. Remember, God loves you….always believe in him. I wish you and your family all the best

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  • Audra Harris

    Hi Heather,
    I am writing to find out if you could give me more information about NILMDTS. I am a photographer and have worked with Bella Luma Photography shooting weddings for some time now but I am starting my own company and would love to get involved with the organization. The work that you did for Kelly and Jason is so beautiful and the story is heart wrenching. I hope to volunteer with NILMDTS as soon as possible but I know that they go through a screening process. As soon as my website is up and running I will be contacting them. Any tips you could give me?

    Thank you,
    Audra Harris

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