Kristen & Steven | Serbian American Cultural Center Wedding

Kristen and Steven were married at Hooverson Heights Church of Christ in Follansbee, WV and held their reception at the Serbian American Cultural Center in Weirton. I was thrilled to have another pink wedding!

Hooverson Heights Church of Christ Wedding PhotographyThese flower girls were so cute, this was their reaction to the ring bearer making it down the aisle.

Hooverson Heights Church of Christ Wedding PhotographyI’ve seen this a few times in the past and I think it’s a great idea… use ribbon or tulle to block the pews so that guests are seated from the outside. The bridal party are the only persons who walk down the center aisle. This rewards the guests that arrive early, because they are seated from the outside and are able to get the much coveted aisle seat. If guests are seated from the center aisle, the people that arrive first have to move farther out as later arriving guests are seated. Not fair.

Hooverson Heights Church of Christ Wedding PhotographyWhat a perfect day, the weather was gorgeous!

Weirton WV Wedding PhotographyKristen is a dream.

Weirton WV Wedding PhotographyI really enjoyed playing with her veil, AND it was windy, which was lucky. (But remember, I don’t believe in luck… it is simply when preparation meets opportunity. Some may say that I am very lucky, but I just think that I am very prepared).

Weirton WV Wedding PhotographyIf you know these two, then you know that they are crazy fun. Steven is a riot. I’m not sure what he was doing, but I love the moment.

Weirton WV Wedding Photography
Kristen is beautiful and graceful.

Weirton WV Wedding Photography
I asked him to pick her up and have some fun.

Weirton WV Wedding Photography
And he listens really well, I just adore this shot.

Weirton WV Wedding PhotographyYes, we were shooting in a cemetery, but it was really picturesque.

Weirton WV Wedding Photography
I love Hershey Kisses, but I was unfamiliar with this packaging: they are hugs wrapped in pink for breast cancer awareness.

Serbian American Cultural Center Wedding Photography
This was during their first dance, but do you see her hair piece? I want one. I NEED one. I wonder if I can find something similar, but with colors? I love to wear funky things in my hair.

Serbian American Cultural Center Wedding Photography
Florist: Masterpieces
Bakery: Bethel Bakery
Entertainment: Wenning Entertainment
Videographer: Shooters Productions
Colors: PINK!
Flowers: roses, hydrangeas, peonies
Weddings by Heather – Weirton Wedding Photographer

  • sadie.higs

    check this out:

    i think you have to place a custom order (which is why it says she doesn't have any items for sale), but she's got a lot of different things… and some are pink 🙂

    ps: gorgeous images as always!

  • Anonymous

    The tulle idea on the pews is a good one and really pretty too. But I always get to the church early and get an aisle seat and do not move in for anyone!!! LOL I stand up and let them slide in. I got there early for a good seat and they didn't! Never reward someone for being late is my motto.

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