Airbrush Artistry

A few months ago, I tweeted for some advice regarding airbrush tans. Specifically, I was wondering if the technology had improved to give a more natural looking color (I didn’t want to look orange). As a result, my friend Eric from Schiemer Entertainment introduced me to his friend Nancy. She is an airbrush artist and actually comes to your home to give you a tan.

I wear SPF daily and protect my skin from the sun because I don’t need any help advancing the aging process. It’s bad enough to notice fine lines because of age, but I certainly do not wish to accelerate the process. Not to mention the dangers of skin cancer.

Nancy and I connected and she was generous enough to stop over, give me a tan, and explain the process to me. You see, I justify such diversions in my work day by thinking that it is necessary to test these things before recommending them to my clients. A public service, if you will.

Anyway, Nancy is awesome and the process is pretty cool. She brings a portable pop-up booth and sprays away (in this case, we were in our garage). You can wear as much, or as little, as you would like. I took a before picture to show you just how pale I am, and had planned on taking an after picture to demonstrate the difference, but never got around to it. So posting the pale picture at this point would just look silly. And it might frighten you. But I will say that the tan looked great and I would definitely recommend giving it a try. If you’re getting married, you should probably schedule a trial a month or so prior to your wedding. The final tan should probably be done a day or two before your wedding so that it will last through your honeymoon. Mine lasted about a week.

Contact Nancy directly to schedule an appointment.

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