Maggie & Dustin – Preview

My family and I are on vacation this week (they are actually already there and waiting for me), but I had the pleasure of documenting an amazing wedding yesterday. My original plan was to create a regular blog post before leaving, but I didn’t want to rush through anything, I want to take my time and really look at the images. And not just because it was a GORGEOUS day with an outdoor ceremony, or because everything was pink, or because I had a military groom in uniform (all my favorite things), but because Maggie is truly a very special person.

Maggie’s family is also very warm, I had several splendid conversations with her father (pictured above). His name is John, but he goes by Jack (like Kennedy). So I called him John Jack. Never really understood why Jack was a nickname for John, but I’m flexible, so I went with it.

These two have a love and affection for one another that is palpable. Spending time with them makes you feel warm and content.

Maggie has an infectious smile that absolutely lights up a room when she enters. As evident by this image captured when they were announced at the reception.

I had such a wonderful time and can’t wait to share more images next week! For now, I must be leaving…. my family has a gun to my head telling me it’s time to go. Minus the gun.

  • Nellie

    Already teary-eyed — even having watched you take these photos, I am still absolutely STUNNED by your ability to capture the emotion and beauty of the moment so perfectly. THANK YOU!!!

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