Julie & Eric | Pittsburgh Marriott City Center Wedding

Julie and Eric were married, and held their reception, at the Marriott City Center in downtown Pittsburgh. It was a beautiful day with perfect temperatures, and we started with Julie at the home of her parents.

The beautiful bride!

This is for Julie’s bridesmaids, I think they wondered what I was doing with the hockey net.

Loved the colors of the flowers.

Oh my, what is this I see? Everyone loves a man in uniform, especially a Marine. This is MaryBeth’s (Julie’s sister and MOH) date.

I took this image because I wanted to capture the entire scene, but I what I didn’t realize is that it would contain bonus material. See that guy in the very far bottom left corner with the thinning hair? That’s my brother, and he insists that he’s not losing hair… “it’s just a part.” Mike works with Julie’s dad.

I thought this was a special moment, Julie’s brother and sister attempting to keep the wind from blowing out the candles.

Just pronounced husband and wife!

We managed to get a few pictures in before it started getting dark.

I think that Julie looks gorgeous in this image.

Having fun with reflections.

Serenaded by the violinist.

This was during the first dance, I just love the expression on her face.

This was also during the first dance and I’d like to thank my good friend Bob from Videosaic for providing the light!

An emotional moment for the family. LOVE it.

So, I made a new friend at Julie and Eric’s wedding, although I never did catch his name. He apparently liked my camera and wanted to borrow it to take a few pictures.

I said, “no problem,” and set everything in auto mode to help him along. Only one problem. It didn’t help. He tried to take a picture of me.

Then of me with Julie and Eric.

And then me, again. But he missed just about every single time. No matter, we still had a great time!

Make-up Artist: Clare Lazano
Florist: Double Tulip
Bakery: Jennuine Cakes
Videographer: Bob Steranko – Videosaic
Entertainment: City Heat Band
Colors: silver, purple, pink, cream
Flowers: pastel roses

Weddings by Heather – Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

  • Tina

    HAH those last three pictures the groomsman tried to take of you are hilarious – just a liiiiittle off:) Gorgeous images though Heather!

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