Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am so excited that my friend Cory Ann from AC Ellis Photography is coming to visit next week! We’re going to be doing a ton of shooting, including a Shoot ‘n Learn session at David Burke’s studio (more on that soon).

Anyway, CA was going to shoot with me at a wedding on 10/18/08, but my clients had to cancel. Sooo… I was thinking… I would like to offer my services at no charge for anyone getting married (locally) on 10/18/08 that could not afford to hire a professional photographer.

Please send this information to everyone you know as you never know when someone, who knows someone, who has a cousin, that works with a girl that is getting married.

If you are getting married on 10/18, AND you do not have a photographer, please send your names, your story, wedding location and a picture to

  • Anonymous

    What a generous idea! I have always loved your photography (and intend to have you do my wedding someday) and now I know that I love your spirit too!

  • Traci and Tim

    Hey Heather
    I know of a wedding.. too bad it's in Northern VA. I know they would have LOVED to have you take their pictures.

    Plus I'd be there so we could meet up 🙂

    Great idea and very generous!

  • katie

    Can we pretend I'm getting married again? You know how much I love it when you photograph me. Haha!!

  • becky

    Too funny… i was gonna write the same exact thing as Katie… but again, you already knew that 😉 Wish I knew of someone!

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