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I have always included vendor information with my posts to better assist future brides with their planning. So if you are looking for a wedding at the Carnegie Museum, or my favorite videographer (Bob Steranko – Videosaic), you can now use the search feature to find all of those posts.

Recently, I have started included the color palate and types of flowers in each post as well. Maybe you’re trying to decide on what shade of pink (obviously my favorite color) to use for your wedding and you are interested in seeing other pink weddings… now you can search!

Is there any other information that would be useful? I currently collect the following from my brides:

make-up artist
color theme
types of flowers

On a similar note, if you have ever taken one of my workflow or Photoshop classes, then you know that I am all about efficiency. That is why the search field doesn’t have a button to click. Because dragging your mouse and clicking takes time, and I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have any time to waste, even if it’s just a second. And remember, seconds add up to minutes, then hours, months, etc. Next thing you know, you have wasted a year of your life clicking stupid buttons!!

Anyway, just type your search term and hit enter or return.

  • Bridget

    From one geek to another.

    In my best Austin Powers voice…
    "Nerd Alert!"
    LOL. Awesome feature.

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