Jessica & Mike

Jessica and Mike were married at Eisenhower Chapel in University Park and held their reception at the Days Inn, Penn State.

I am a Penn State alumni and it was really fun to see how much the campus has changed recently. If you have never been to University Park, it is GORGEOUS. My brother went to Pitt, so of course we had a rivalry, but all I have say is look at the difference in the bus stop shelters. Imagine the bus stops in Oakland, and now look at the one below… beautiful brick and stone with iron benches.

Jess and Mike are hard core Penn Stater’s!

This is my new friend Tina (Jessica’s sister and MOH). She loves photography, so we had a lot to talk about!

I love the contrast and saturation in this image.

I just like the way Mike was looking at Jess.

My good friend Pam Kopka shot with me this weekend and she took the image below. I owe Pam a huge thanks for helping me out at the last minute. Craig was scheduled to shoot with me but had to stay home with the kiddos when my mom (the babysitter) fell ill.

Alright, so we had a bee problem on Saturday. They loved Jess (and her flowers) and they would not leave us alone. Right after Pam caught this image, Mike swatted the bee with his bare hands (because he’s a man) and the bee ricocheted off of something and hit me in the chest! And I screamed out, “I’M HIT!!!” (I’ll pay $5 to anyone who can tell me what that line is from). Luckily, no one was stung.

This is the image that I wanted to capture because I liked the light. And I wasn’t going to let any bee ruin it for me. Thanks for taking care of business, Mike.

I think I was channeling someone in this picture. LOL

Have a great time in Hawaii guys!

Make-up: Designer
Florist: Narber
Videographer: Winslow Video Productions
Bakery: Delectable Delights
Entertainment: Nittany Entertainment
Colors: purple, pink, red, orange
Flowers: tulips, roses, stephanotis, mini callas lilies

Weddings by Heather – Penn State Wedding Photographer

  • Jessica

    Great Pics. You and Pam work great together. I'll have the pleasure of working with her this summer. Again, Great job as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Heather – You are looking pretty thin and ninja-like in that picture.


  • Becky

    Oh goodness… i didnt think you could amaze me any more… well just kidding i did, thats why i always check back on your blog! I LOVE the one of her lying down! i know you didnt personally take it… but its got hot sexy romantic heather written all over it! My guess… Pure Luck?

  • MaryAnne

    Hey Heather! I like to stop in from time to time to see how you are doing! The "I'm Hit" line are you thinking from Seinfeld when Kramer yells it out while doing the spoof of JFK? Anyways, hope the kids are doing great! An old epreg friend, MaryAnne

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