My good friend and fellow photographer David Burke blog tagged me the other day. That means that I have to share with my readers 8 things that they may not know about me.

1. These two are my absolute world. I love them more than words can describe. I feel very blessed to have both of them in my life. I have the most wonderful, caring, generous, gorgeous husband on the planet. And that little girl just lights up my world.

2. I received a ton of emails after I dropped the pregnancy news a week ago on my blog… many were surprised that I hadn’t mentioned it sooner. The thing is that Craig and I have struggled in the past several years in the reproductive department. This is actually my sixth pregnancy, but we only have Ella. We seem to conceive very easily, but for some unknown reason, I miscarry often. We wanted to make sure that this pregnancy was viable before making an announcement. And to tell you the truth, because we have struggled for so long, I still have a hard time believing that there will be a baby at the end of all this. I feel him move every day, and I can see him in the picture below, but my mind has been a little slow to catch on. Oh yeah, it’s a boy! Due 12/31 and we are hoping for the tax deduction.

3. I had perms all through high school, below is my senior picture. Stylin’!!

4. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State and a degree in Management Information Systems from Robert Morris University. Craig and I met while I was working as a co-op at Nova Chemicals (it was ARCO Chemical at the time). I LOVED working in a chemical plant.

I finished my second degree while working for Nova and then took an early retirement package that was being offered (they were reducing the work force). At that point I was hired as a Production Control Manager for Lycos.com. At that time Lycos and Yahoo were the two big names in search engines and the technology for the searh was developed in Pittsburgh at Carngie Mellon University.

It wasn’t long before Lycos decided to move everything to Boston to be in a more high tech region. I was offered my position there, but declined. Lycos didn’t pay exceedingly well, but they were generous with their stock options, and at the time these high tech companies were booming. When I left, I was paying $14 for stock that was selling at $63. Good times. Incidentally, a few days after I exercised my options, the stock went over $90. I was furious with my financial planner, but two weeks later the stock tanked and was less than $10.

After leaving Lycos, I went to work as a Project Manger for Michael Baker Engineering. And that, my friends, is where my corporate world ends. I enjoyed my position (for the most part), but I will never, ever work for “the man” again. I am the man and I am loving it!!!

5. I have very strong faith, and believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, even when it sucks. LOL

6. I come from a very humble beginning. I think that when you are successful people automatically think that you must have had it easy your entire life. Not true! I’ve worked very hard to get where I am at.

7. I am a geek and proud of it. I love my camera equipment, my computers, my software applications, everything. Thanks to my engineering background, I am very process oriented which benefits me greatly with photography.

8. I love football, especially the Steelers. Autumn is my favorite time of year, in part due to the football season. Below is a picture I took at a game that Craig and I went to a few years ago. I wasn’t watching warm-ups, I was admiring the impressive lenses on the sideline.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on the news of the little baby boy!!! 🙂 Maria and Steve

  • David Burke

    Ha! That Perm gives my mullet a run for the money!!!


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