Missing album

It has recently been brought to my attention that a sample album I made for Kathy at Armstrong Farms has been stolen. Stolen?? Who would want to take possession of an album from someone else’s wedding? I think it most bizarre, and irritating, since albums take time and cost money.

Susan and Matt were married last June at Sacred Heart Parish in Shadyside and held their phenomenally gorgeous reception at Armstrong Farms. You can view their blog post by clicking here. Slideshow is here.

Below are a few shots of the album, which contains my contact information. Maybe the person(s) who are currently enjoying the images will feel it necessary to return it.

  • Jeannette Pierce

    WHAT?? Someone really stole an album that doesn't have their wedding pics. How absurd!

    If you could spare some time to help an old friend I'd be thrilled.
    I'm wondering if you can give me any tips on how to take pics of Adam with his eyes open. My Gram says "He looks like he's three shades to the wind". I laughed but she's not wrong. In almost all the pics of him, his eyes are mostly closed. I hate that I have hardly any good pics of him to scrapbook, besides the ones we've had in more of a formal sitting. I'd like some candid shots that are more natural. Email me if you can spare some insight. jetta710@gmail.com

  • katie h

    Get 'em Heather! Why on earth would someone want an album full of someone else's wedding pictures? Don't get me wrong, I love your photography, but I'd rather look at my own wedding album. Just a thought… 🙂

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