I have been intending to post about this since school ended in June, but I’ve been having so much fun with weddings that I haven’t had time! My Goddaughter Kennedy was given an assignment to write a report about the person she admired most and she choose me! What an honor! She is the daughter of my best friend Jody, is 10 years old and is very special to me.

I took a picture of the report… I think she did a great job, look at my logo and camera! The title was, “A Great Photographer.”

There are many excerpt’s worth sharing, but below are two of my favorites.

“She feeds me and makes sure that I get nutrition. She usually feeds me mac and cheese and at least one spoonful of peas. She teaches me grown-up things and makes sure that I understand. When Ella was a baby, my godmother showed me how to breast feed a baby.”

I thought it was great how she talked about peas and breast feeding in the same paragraph. LOL

Here’s another (and probably my favorite):

“I want to thank my godmother for everything she has done. She has done so many things for me I want to use this report to say thanks. I am lucky to have such an awesome godmother. I would never replace her with any woman, even if I had the chance. I just realize she is famous, but more famous to me. I love her so much!”

And here is a picture of her, isn’t she sweet? She gets excellent grades, is very caring and polite, and I could not be more proud. I’d like to take a little of the credit… since I’m her Godmother and all. ROFL

  • Jeannette

    That's so special to have someone write something so nice about you & to be thanking you. How sweet. I too love that she wrote about you teacher her how to breastfeed & about eating peas in the same paragraph. You must feel so honored at seeing this project.

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