I scheduled this past Saturday off to celebrate Ella’s 5th birthday. Not only did she turn 5 last week, but she also started kindergarten. How much can one mother take??

My good friend Joanne Bartone came over to document the first day of school.

And for those of you inquiring about my belly… here it is! I am just about 22 weeks.

She was so excited to ride the bus to school, I could not believe how she ran to get on it!

We had a few friends and family over yesterday to celebrate her birthday. I am so proud of my big girl.

Her and Grandma just adore one another. My Mom is the BEST, amongst many other things, she takes care of Ella while I’m shooting on the weekends.

I love this series that Craig shot of us… I’m think I’d like to put them together and order a large wall print.

She is Daddy’s girl.

  • Cory Ann

    I can't believe how big Ella is. And your belly is tiny!
    Miss you, glad to see some images of the family up.

  • becky

    THOSE ARE GREAT! She is absolutely gorgeous! Just like her mother… I can see a little of Craig there too 😉 But you two are two peas in a pod! So pretty!

    Oh ya… I agree… your belly is TINY! 😉

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