Danielle & Guy | Carnegie Museum Grand Staircase Wedding

Danielle and Guy were married on the grand staircase at the Carnegie Museum and held their reception in the Music Hall Foyer. I posted about Danielle’s Dad, Jerry, who passed away recently.

Danielle is a reporter for WMTW in Portland, Maine. She is absolutely stunning.

The groom.

While I was shooting the guys at the columns, I stepped in some very gross, unidentified muck. I would like to thank this usher pictured below because he took my shoe and cleaned it for me while I continued shooting. I thought it was a very gentlemanly gesture.

The veil was 10 yards long and was AMAZING!

I thought it was fun how Guy carried Danielle’s veil.

This is Danielle’s Mom, Shirley. I have tremendous respect for her, she is an amazing woman. Image by Pam.

Signing the Bedeken and Ketubah.

Image by Craig.

Wow, would you look at this bride?? Image by Pam.

I was taking the shot above when Craig caught the shot below. Nice!

The details were amazing, Hepatic did a fabulous job.

This was the most amazing Hora I have ever witnessed, it was so much fun!

I love this image of Shirley up on the chair, it was wonderful to see her really enjoying herself.

I have series of images taken in this cab, but I love the ad on top. Perfect.

I should also mention that Danielle assembled (in my humble opinion) the BEST vendors in Pittsburgh for her wedding. Everything was fabulous. I think I may need to post separately about the band, they were phenomenal.

Make-up Artist: Lisa Johnson
Florist: Hepatica
Bakery: Parkhurst
Videographer: Bob Steranko from Videosaic
Entertainment: Studio E

Heather Lahtinen – Carnegie Museum Wedding Photographer

  • jeanne baseman

    I was looking at the phots of this wedding. You are a VERY good photographer and I am glad to know your name. I am the owner of Table Talk and I did the linens (a vendor you did not mention) for the Strauss wedding. I loved everying about working with Shirley, and I too was so sad about Jerry. They were amazing at making the best of the situation.

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