Simple Photo Minute

Dane Sanders and the Simple Photo Minute are based in beautiful southern California. Dane created Simple Photo Life to help photographers simplify their lives. You may not realize it, but when you are a wedding photographer you are also a digital artist, computer expert, web designer, salesman, customer service rep, business manager, courier, secretary, project manager, accountant… need I go on?

As a result, our lives can become overwhelmingly complicated. I was thrilled when I first heard of Dane’s concept because I completely believe in the message he delivers. Love what you do and keep it simple.

Check out this weeks episode of the SPM, you may recognize the photographer!

  • Dane Sanders

    You rock Heather! Great job!!!

  • Cory Ann

    Ok, so now your going to be too cool to talk to me. Let's see if I can come up with anything for a midwest SPM. When I was out there I thought that was a great thing you did. See now everyone else can too.

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