Teresa & Jake | Treesdale Country Club Wedding

Teresa and Jake were married at St. Catherine of Sweden and held their reception at Treesdale Country Club. This image was taken moments after they were married… I love Teresa, she has a magnetic personality and is great fun to be around.

Image by Dave.

I love this moment… they’re about to kiss, the light is perfect AND the wind picks up her veil.

So we’re just about done shooting and Teresa says to me, “aren’t you going to ask me to lay on the ground or anything??” :))) I love it!! My brides are now asking ME to lay on the ground!! Image by Dave.

This is Yuri… groomsman AND photographer extraordinaire. He’s not really a photographer, but I let him play with my 5D and 50 1.4 during the reception.

I think he actually captured a few usable images… like the one below. Although it is not technically perfect (but pretty good for 1600 ISO, f1.4, 1/25s), the moment is much more important. This is Teresa’s 91 year old Grandfather, who is clearly having a great time. You should have seen how many ladies he danced with during one polka song.

Florist: Weischeidel
Bakery: Bethel Bakery
Entertainment: Spolight Entertainment

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