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Had dinner the other night at Nakama on Carson Street with a fabulous group of Pittsburgh wedding photographers. This is my dear friend Joanne Bartone, she is a wonderful person AND an amazing photographer! Give her a call!

Onlookers Steve Barry from In-Vision Studio and Mike Purvis.

Why would I post about my direct competition? Because these guys are great and I would recommend any one of them. I strongly believe that there is a right photographer for every couple. I also feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that couples who inquire with me understand their choices… even if that means they choose another photographer.

  • Stephen Barry

    It was great to see you again Heather. Barb and I had a blast with everyone. Nakama is a pretty happening place on a Thursday night. A few less appetizers the next time, though.

    It's really special that our little group is each other's best friends, but also closest competitors.

    For anyone viewing Heather's blog for the first time and considering choosing her as their wedding photographer, I highly recommend her! Heather is one of the most talented wedding photographers in Pittsburgh and is just a lot of fun to be around.

    Steve Barry

  • Joanne Bartone

    Ah, Heather…you are the BEST! I just love you girl! Thank goodness you showed up with your camera.

    It was WONDERFUL to spend time with everyone. I LOVE you all so much – what a great group of friends, colleagues, supports and "competitors" we have in each other. We are so fortunate to have such a good relationship together.

    I second Steve's comment about hiring Heather – her talent is outstanding and her energy is fabulous.

    Until next time!

  • Michael Purvis


    Something I learned back in the early 90's in photography school was that a true photojournalist always, ALWAYS has a camera on them, when you showed up that night with the Canon I knew you had that passion we were trained for. That's a true devotion to the art, fun or professional, you are ready to rock it out! Next time try not to get my big ol Italian nostrils! ;=)

    : )

    Michael Purvis

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