We’re home!

We had an AMAZING vacation, it was wonderful to spend the entire week having fun at all of the Disney parks (our favorite was the Magic Kingdom). There were so many first for Ella… which brought me close to tears several times. I just adore that little girl!

She saw the ocean for the first time and loved playing in the surf! We went to the beach straight from the airport (I needed a beach fix), so we didn’t have our bathing suits.

The line to meet Ariel in her grotto was relatively short, and Ella was so excited… but by the time she sat next to Ariel, she was really shy (her usual demeanor). She wouldn’t talk to her, but she hasn’t stopped talking about her encounter ever since!

It was most unfortunate when Ella woke up Tuesday night with a really high fever… especially since she hasn’t been sick almost the entire winter (this is our luck). So we spent the better part of Wednesday at a walk-in health clinic, she was diagnosed with strep throat. Poor baby, she’s so sweet and wonderful, even when she’s sick. We immediately got her on an antibiotic and she perked up in a little more than a day.

As we were leaving for the airport, we when by the beach to gather some sand for a project she was making for Grandpa.

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