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As I mentioned previously, I worked with the most awesome family while shooting my assignment in Dallas. Jen (the mom) and I bonded instantly… it turns out that she’s a photographer as well!! Check out her website, she does awesome work with children.

Anyway, we just had a fabulous time hanging out, and I was sad definitely when it was time to leave. This woman works so hard… taking care of the kids, balancing a career, etc. Check out the smile on her face in the image below, in spite of the fact that both kids were screaming!

Anyway, she sent Huy (my team leader) and I the nicest email yesterday, and I asked her if I could share it on my blog. She made the torture of last week worthwhile. Thank you Jen!!!

Huy, Heather-we are so thankful!

Huy-thank you for allowing us to participate once again. I had assumed that since I had volunteered us as a backup family that we wouldn’t get in, and to be honest was pretty sad and wishing I had kept my big mouth shut so we could be guaranteed a spot (friends be damned!). I was SO excited to hear that we were in, and just enjoyed every minute! It was such a different experience this time around-TWO mobile kids, school, breaking into the park, etc. It was a little easier this time knowing what to expect and prepared for the full-on experience. We just loved it.

And you sent us HEATHER!!! Fun, vivacious, dancing queen Heather! How did you know we would bond so well!? We feel that we truly got the best of the best, and we thank you for that!

Heather-seriously, you are too fun! We feel so fortunate to have been “your” family, and only wish the weather had cooperated a bit more (Hello-it’s 85 and we flew kites yesterday!). My favorite part was camera talk, Chuck’s favorite part was dinner when he had the chance to chat, Sam’s favorite part was the jellyfish, and Ben’s favorite part was the diaper he let you change (that’s also chuck’s favorite part). You are truly talented, and the love for what you do just shines through your work. It was a pleasure having you in our family last week.

So long story short…when can we do it again???

Thank you both,


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