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A photographer asked me if I could show her how to remove a cold sore in Photoshop. This might seem tricky due to the size and placement (edge of the lip), but with a bit of Photoshop know-how, this fix did not take long.

After I recorded the Photoshop screencast, I thought it might be useful to show how this can also be accomplished in Lightroom. Several of the newer photographers that I mentor don’t have Photoshop and I didn’t want them to feel left out!

As such, this week’s free video tutorial is a two for one! Enjoy!

Photoshop Removal:

Lightroom Removal:

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I’m often asked for recommendations for different types of photography gear and accessories. I’ve compiled this list of photography items for both the hobbyist and professional.

If you are the photographer in your circle, send this to your friends and family for ideas! Enjoy!




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Last week, I shared a few quick tips for improving Autumn photographs using Lightroom. In this free video tutorial, I share how to significantly improve a photo using the radial filter tool. This incredible tool was introduced in Lightroom 5, and it’s an incredibly efficient way to effect change in specific areas of your photographs.

The two photos that I share were taken in the exact same location, one week apart. What a difference a week makes, the leaves were gone!

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  • Leigh Nelson

    Great tutorial, Heather! This technique will greatly improve the time it takes for me to make an image pop. Thanks for sharing!

When I say, “one minute,” I mean that it takes me that long to make these particular changes when I’m not explaining the techniques. I think it’s mostly a matter of knowing what to use and why.

Understanding your toolkit is essential to an efficient workflow.

When a photo appears on my screen, I know immediately the changes I’d like to make.

In this two for one free video series, I share some of my techniques for the adjustment brush, as well as how I approach panel management.

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During the past decade of photographing, I’ve developed many actions to assist with my workflow. These actions have always been included in the workshops that I teach, but I’ve never sold them separately.


Because I didn’t want people to just use the actions, I wanted them to LEARN Photoshop.

As such, I decided to package my black and white action along with EIGHT videos to teach you more about Photoshop. Not just the how, but the why. In this video series, you learn much more than how to convert your images to black and white, you learn why color mode and tonality are important in a proper conversion.

I suppose you could just purchase the actions, install and execute. But c’mon, I’ve included so much education in this series!

Learning more about Photoshop will improve your images and your confidence.

Click here to view my Master’s Black and White Series.

** To celebrate the launch of this product, use the code bwlaunch to receive $10 off. This code is only valid through Monday, November 3, 2014. **

Photoshop Actions

Below is a partial screenshot of the Weddings by Heather Membership Site for the Black and White Master’s Series.

Photoshop Black and White

I n s t a g r a m